For Prospective Companies

Platform Partnering
Eir’s partnership model allows for direct platform investments as the sole investor or alongside strategic investors. We aim to provide a tailored approach for each opportunity to ensure full alignment with our partnered companies.

A direct Eir investment is encouraged for all strategic partnerships to maximize alignment.

Eir has a dedicated co-investment model alongside private equity, venture capital, family offices and strategic investors. This allows for investors and companies to partner with Eir to gain immediate access to the benefits of an Eir relationship.

For Investors

For our limited partners, in addition to a robust platform investing effort, we also provide access to co-investments alongside some of the world’s best healthcare investment and private equity firms with the Eir co-investment advantage and the extra security of an engaged Eir as an investment partner.  Importantly, this allows Eir to provide a differentiated value proposition and economics for our investors.

For more information about participation in an Eir investment vehicle, please contact:

Brett Carlson
Founder & CEO