Eir Partners Officially Launches in New York.
Sets Sights on Healthcare.

New York, New York - Eir Partners, a strategic partnership and investment company focused exclusively on the healthcare and technology marketplace, announced today that it has officially launched the platform in New York.

Eir, named after the Scandinavian goddess of health and medicine, aims to partner with companies and investors to allow for customized collaboration to accelerate disruption, innovation and growth.  Having agreements with multiple sources of capital, Eir has the ability to make direct platform investments, co-investments alongside institutional or strategic investors, or partner with companies directly to accelerate strategic development.

“We recognize that many companies and investors can benefit from an Eir partnership but that the one-size fits all approach would restrict our ability to be effective and to create symbiotic relationships,” commented Brett S. Carlson, founder of Eir Partners, “we welcome the opportunity to work with companies at different stages of their maturity and to help execute on accelerated growth agendas.”

Targeted areas of focus for the firm include healthcare technology, technology-enabled services, consumer retail and other health related sectors. 

“Many people ask me about the origin of Eir, and I jokingly respond that I thought Greek mythology has received more than its fair share of reference in the business world,” added Carlson, “but given my commitment to healthcare and my original Scandinavian heritage, I thought it worked quite well.  I look forward to introducing everyone to Eir soon.”

Prior to Eir, Carlson spent 9 years as a principal at Great Point Partners, a leading health care focused investment firm responsible for their technology, tech enabled and payer services investing effort and as Chief Executive Officer at iVantage Health Analytics.  He is also a Board Member at Connecture, (Nasdaq: CXNR), a consumer shopping and personalized decision support company and Citra Health Solutions, a provider of technology and services for value based enablement.

Find out more about Eir at www.eirpartners.com.