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Eir is named after the Scandinavian physician goddess of medicine skill and health.  She distinguishes herself in Nordic mythology as the foremost figure in healing and patroness of health-care workers, called on against sickness or injury.  She is one of the goddesses on the mountain called Lyfia ("to heal through magic"), and gives both physical and psychic means of healing.  Eir has been theorized as a form of the goddess Frigg and has been compared to the Greek godness Hygeia.

Eir is attested in the Poetic Edda and in skaldic poetry, including a runic inscription from Bergen, Norway from around 1300.  Eir’s founder shares the same heritage roots.

Over 700 years later, we share the same mission to improve health care with an unwavering dedication to the sector.  We believe that healthcare has hit a necessary inflection point.  The United States health care costs are increasing at unsustainable rates while most of the developed world is facing dramatic aging in their respective populations.  Emerging markets are adding to a rapidly increasing global middle class.  The stress on the system now and in the future is overwhelming. 


Healthcare is the world’s largest
and most important market.